Immersion Tanks

UT Immersion Tanks

New, Custom, or Upgrades

Our WesDyne brand tanks utilize a modular design that makes it easy to fabricate a system to meet a customer’s specific needs. Multiple configurations are available allowing easy customization to meet a customer’s specific requirements, for example: 6 axis systems may include X, Y, Z, Gimbal, Swivel axes, and turntable. A 10 axis system may include an additional Y and Z mechanism (including Gimbal and swivel axis).

AMDATA provides new custom UT immersion tank systems as well as refurbished UT immersion tanks systems for non-destructive examination and testing

Application Bulletin

UT Immersion Tank Upgrades

Owners of immersion tanks now have a cost effective means to incorporate IntraSpect technology into existing equipment regardless of original manufacturer. Upgrades can be tailored to your technical needs and budget. We can also provide mechanical hardware, electronic controls, and/or NDE systems to complete your immersion tank upgrade.

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