Immersion Tanks

UT Immersion Tanks

WesDyne multi-axis UT immersion tank system

New, Custom, or Upgrades

WesDyne NDE Products & Technology utilizes a modular design that makes it easy to fabricate a system to meet a customer’s specific needs. Multiple configurations are available allowing easy customization to meet a customer’s specific requirements, for example: 6 axis systems may include X, Y, Z, Gimbal, Swivel axes, and turntable. A 10 axis system may include an additional Y and Z mechanism (including Gimbal and . . . ( read more )


UT Immersion Tank Upgrades

Owners of immersion tanks now have a cost effective means to incorporate AMDATA IntraSpect technology into existing equipment regardless of original manufacturer. Upgrades can be tailored to your technical needs and budget. WesDyne NDE Products & Technology can provide mechanical hardware, electronic controls, and/or NDE . . . ( read more )