Motion Control system – MCP

WesDyne Sweden develops and manufactures a range of manipulator control systems, including motor control panels (MCPs), air manifolds and signal converter units. All systems feature stand-alone capability and are distributed over a standard wired Ethernet TCP/IP network. Wireless capability is also possible depending on requirements.

The Motor Control Panel (MCP) is a proprietary WesDyne Sweden family of control systems. MCP systems have been developed in-house since the first generation (MCP-01) which was introduced in 1993. Since then, a large number of MCPs have been developed and

manufactured by WesDyne Sweden in support of the evolving product line of manipulators and scanning equipment for Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) in the nuclear power plant market.

The latest MCP generation is the MCP-25, released in 2010.

The MCP-25 family features a four-axis control system containing a microprocessor-based motion controller, a power supply for 4 x 200 W DC motors plus auxiliary systems (such as cameras), input/output (I/O) units and an Ethernet switch.
The MCP is connected to external systems (manipulators, pumps, air manifolds etc.) by hi-grade Mil-spec standard connectors. The system is enclosed in a protective case. The total weight is approximately 12 – 30 kg depending on casing type.

Function of the MCP is controlled by an equipment operator using a standard Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/Win 7-environment computer connected to the MCP via a standard Ethernet connection.

Depending on needs, the MCP can be either customized for a specific type of application or as a multi-purpose unit.

If required, the MCP can be programmed with specific manipulator configuration set-ups and in this state requires no additional configuration or external input for operation.

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