Matrix Eye

WesDyne is the official European distributor of the highly advanced Toshiba UT‐system Matrixeye.

Matrixeye is an advanced ultrasonic inspection instrument using the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT) and ultrasonic phased array probes.

The SAFT‐technique makes possible to acquire 3D‐images and it collects precise information of the
inspected volume. The SAFT‐technique is like the well‐known FMC (Full Matrix Capture) acquisition technique and the TFM (Total Focusing Method) computational algorithm.

Matrixeye enables a wide range of inspections, from traditional steel welds to complex composite materials and accurate spot weld examinations.

Thanks to the increased accuracy of the inspections, component manufacturers can achieve significant cost savings due to reduced waste in their production lines. A fewer amount of “false calls” may reduce the number of components which are otherwise wrongly labeled as defective.

Possible applications:

  • Aerospace (ISI & PSI)
  • Car Industry (spot weld inspection)
  • Nuclear power (ISI & PSI)
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Train axles (ISI)
  • Wind power (ISI & PSI)