Scanner Tracks

WesDyne brand Vacuum Scanner Track

Vacuum Track

The Vacuum Track conforms to most surface contours and includes a supplied vacuum pump with a rating commensurate with the job to be performed.

Like the Collar Track, the Vacuum Track utilizes the center-guide feature for compatibility with the WesDyne product line family of magnetic wheel scanners.


WesDyne brand Bladder Scanner

Bladder Track

A specialty track ideally suited for high volume production field inspections as well as for use in hazardous environments, the Bladder Track accommodates the following WesDyne brand product line magnetic wheel, track-based scanner models:

  • 2090
  • 4030
  • 5010
  • 5080
  • 5090

Clamshell-style construction allows it to be quickly installed on, or removed from, an inspection surface, while an inner diameter bladder accommodates typical pipe outer diameter tolerances without need for adjustments.


WesDyne brand Collar Scanner Track

Collar Track

The Collar Track utilizes a center guide for compatibility with WesDyne brand magnetic wheel scanners.

The Collar Track is a low cost option when the pipe is unsuitable (temperature, surface condition, non-magnetic, etc.) for scanner operation.