Alloy 600 Dissimilar Metal Weld Exams

We employ Appendix VIII PDI UT Level II/III personnel on our staff to support Alloy 600 dissimilar metal (DM) weld inspections. We provide both conventional and phased array ultrasonic inspection capabilities in accordance with ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section XI, Appendix VIII requirements.  These inspections are performed manually or automated using performance demonstration initiative (PDI) procedures.

Our in-house personnel are qualified to the following procedures:

      • Conventional UT – Manual DM weld inspection per PDI-UT-10, Rev. B [detection & length sizing]
      • Conventional UT – Automated DM weld inspection per WDI-STD-119-A, Rev. 2 [detection, length sizing & through-wall sizing]
      • Conventional UT – Manual SWO inspection per PDI-UT-8, Rev. E [detection, length sizing & through-wall sizing]
      • Conventional UT – Automated SWO Inspection per PDI-Qualified Procedure WDI-STD-119-D, Rev. 1 [detection, length sizing & through-wall sizing]
      • Phased Array UT – Automated DM welds inspected per WDI-STD-1025
      • Phased Array UT – Manual DM welds inspected per EPRI-DMW-PA-1
      • Phased Array UT – Manual SWO welds inspected per EPRI-WOL-PA-1.  Note that our automated inspection qualification is limited to a diameter of 4.5 inches; therefore, we utilize manual inspections from 2 inches to 4.5 inches.