Automated Piping Exams

We have extensive experience in performing automated piping examinations on various components using conventional and phased array ultrasonic NDE methods. Our multiple outside diameter scanner designs are capable of supporting different pipe sizes and configurations. Depending on pipe geometry and accessibility, scanners and crawlers can be designed or modified for a specific application.

Our internally developed Track-mounted ROSA™ inspection system (T-Rex) is capable of performing automated examinations of nozzle-to-shell welds, nozzle inner radii, nozzle-to-pipe welds, and pipe-to-pipe welds from the outside diameter. T-Rex provides significant advantages over conventional manual inspections in terms of reduced dose-to-inspection personnel, and the ability to collect and store encoded data for comparison with data acquired during future examinations.

Using a more compact arm design, T-Rex, in conjunction with the IntraSpect or IntraPhase data acquisition and analysis systems, is capable of performing conventional or phased-array ultrasonic examinations. The examinations are performed in accordance with ASME Code, Section XI, Appendix VIII, and performance demonstration initiative (PDI) program requirements.

The T-Rex scanner is mounted on a rigid track and designed for quick installation and removal, saving both time and dose. An integral dovetail and key design allow for precise and rapid assembly of the track sections. Adjustable locking feet on the track permit the use of one track to accommodate several pipe sizes and a variety of pipe surface obstacles. Once the track is mounted, the trolley quick-mount dovetail allows for a variety of scanner arms to be installed in multiple configurations and orientations in order to carry out the various examinations.