Reactor Coolant Pump Component Exams

Our automated ultrasonic examination of Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) shafts and various RCP flywheels is a proven process to establish repeatable baseline acoustic characteristics, and as a diagnostic tool for evaluation of potential cracking.

The inspection technique for RCP shaft exams was demonstrated at EPRI on flawed sample shafts and utilizes our custom inspection system IntraSpect™. This semi-automatic exam acquires data quickly and offers analysis in a low dose area minimizing overall exposure and providing a record of the exam to be utilized as a baseline for comparison with future exams.

Our inspection techniques for RCP flywheels include eddy current (ET), dye penetrant (PT), magnetic particle (MT) and ultrasonic (UT) examinations for meeting the requirements of Regulatory Guide 1.14.  Ultrasonic examinations are performed on areas of higher stress concentration at the bore and keyway while the flywheel is in place.