3D Surface Measurement

WesDyne has extensive knowledge of three-dimensional (3D) measurement and inspection of components in the nuclear industry. Using internally developed equipment as well as customized field-ready scanners we have developed methods and algorithms for data collection and evaluation.

3D imaging is a very accurate method for collecting data on a certain components actual dimensions, instead of relying on as-built drawings which may or may not be representative of the actual geometry.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Accurate measurement tool; even for complex/ variable surfaces
  • Covers smaller and larger volumes, without tooling re-design
  • Allows for rapid CAD-modeling of object being measured – useful for applied tooling design
    (such as EDM-/repair tools)
  • Cycle-to-cycle characterization and tracking indications
  • Model and track component degradation over time using comparative software

Top: Underwater laser scan
Bottom: Same bolt as CAD file