Replica Molding

WesDyne Sweden has developed a system for the application of Replica Molding Visual Inspection /Testing (VT) booth in open air and under water.

A rubber component is molded onto the surface to be inspected. When the rubber has hardened it can be peeled off from the surface and examined under microscope.

A mould is customized for a specific purpose and applied on the component with a tool. Depending on the position of the area to inspect, the mould can be applied either manually using handling poles or by help from manipulators.

Depending on temperature and choice of resin used, the cure time is between 5 – 30 minutes. The mould is then brought to the surface for analysis. The mould can easily be cleaned from loose particles or agent before examination.

The replica is analyzed under a stereo-microscope for best depth perception.  The technique has been validated for the detection of defects (open to the surface) with widths ≥3.0 µm and with lengths ≥1.5 mm.

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