WesDyne Introduces the 5080e Dual Axis Automated Scanner

The Model 5080e is a new implementation of the successful 508x series of remotely controlled automated scanners. This new design completely encloses the two DC servo motor/ encoder assemblies. It is designed to permit the deployment of a variety of sensing elements including ultrasonic transducers and eddy current probes and is compatible with all AMDATA data acquisition systems. Magnetic wheels are used for mounting to a variety of scanning tracks providing fast installation on a wide range of flat or curved surfaces.

The scanner uses DC servo motors to power each of the two axes. Position feedback is provided by high resolution magnetic encoders. The magnetic encoders offer improved performance through increased temperature range and decreased current requirements.

The X axis consists of a gear driven tractor arrangement with magnetic rollers. The Y axis uses a precision lead screw to actuate a slide carriage that supports a transducer. The Y-axis arm has a standard stroke length of 10”. Y-axis arms with up to 28” stroke are available. A 5080e scanner can use the same Y arms used on 5080, 5085 and
5090 scanners.

Variations in the height of the inspection surface are absorbed by the end effector assembly. The 5080 scanner is equipped with a spring loaded end effector that affords 2.5 inches of stroke and 2.5 inches of fixed height adjustment. For applications that require greater end effector stroke, the 5080 can alternatively be equipped with a pneumatic thruster system . . . ( read more )

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