WesDyne has the personnel and equipment to efficiently inspect all the major components of your power plant. We use state-of-the-art robotic systems such as SUPREEM and WIRES, which provide a common delivery system for multiple tools and end effectors to inspect reactor pressure vessels, shrouds, etc.

WesDyne has the capabilities and experience to inspect all major turbine types: GE, Parsons, Westinghouse, MHI, Alstom, etc.

We have completed inspections for pressurized water reactor (PWR) and boiling water reactor (BWR) power plants during more than 350 outages at over 60 nuclear sites throughout the world. WesDyne has set the world record for successfully completing reactor pressure vessel inspections in the shortest duration for both Westinghouse and CE plants.

Conducting extensive testing of equipment and training of personnel, all systems are in accordance with the WesDyne Quality Management System and qualified by the appropriate regulatory agencies. Our record for providing accurate inspection information includes instances where data quality and coverage allowed for an extension of the re-inspection interval by as much as four years.

WesDyne’s overall NDE experience includes examinations at over 250 utilities worldwide. Examination services are available for a wide range of power generation components including steam and combustion turbines, turbine generators, PWR vessels and internals, BWR vessels and internals, piping systems, and the reactor vessel head.