About Us

The WesDyne brand is owned by the Westinghouse Electric Company and is known as a global supplier of state-of-the-art non-destructive examination (NDE) products and services. Our brand has been a demonstrated leader in the power industry known for creating, utilizing and applying innovative and advanced NDE technology solutions to meet your most demanding inspection challenges. These advanced products and services are delivered to our customers through various channels across the globe. In the US, Westinghouse Inspection Services delivers to our nuclear industry customers while Stone & Webster delivers to our Industrial Services customers. In Europe, our WesDyne Sweden team continues to provide NDE products and services worldwide.

Our capabilities have been a trusted partner in the power generation market for more than four decades due to our ability to address the most difficult NDE challenges with tailored solutions that are safe, efficient and cost-effective. Our innovative, advanced technology has achieved worldwide recognition as a provider of inspection services and NDE products in the nuclear industry for reactor vessels, balance of plant piping and related systems.  We also excel in other industrial services markets by applying our NDE products and inspection skills wherever non-destructive testing methods are required for all aspects of remote and mechanized inspections.

We excel in providing examinations:

  • using remote delivery
  • underwater and in harsh environments
  • for complex geometric configurations
  • in challenging visual and volumetric locations

Our industry-certified NDE professionals offer a broad range of capabilities, from analyzing problems and generating solutions, to developing and manufacturing NDE inspection systems, to performing on-site inspections.