Rapid Response Capability

Inhouse Capabilities and Rapid Response Resources

At WesDyne, we do not see ourselves as just another inspection company providing standard inspections services for the nuclear industry. When others see standard inspections as their core business and take on special and advanced inspection as a second priority, we do the opposite. We perform standard inspections as well, but our core business is to take on the challenging objects, the objects that are hard to reach, the objects that other fail on or reject.
Starting from the object to inspect, WesDyne has the capability to develop and manufacture probes and sensors customized for the intended purpose. In tight collaboration with the inhouse tooling development team a solution can be developed and qualified within a couple of months, or even weeks. In addition to the development phase, we are able to perform training on new equipment before first inspection or retrain personnel in our test facility before repeated inspections. Our experienced operators and inspectors are involved from start of the project all the way through to complete inspection on the customer site.
Occasionally a customer approaches us with a problem that requires special treatment, a problem that is more urgent than normal and that the customer could not plan for. For these circumstances WesDyne has created an organization and the manufacturing capabilities for rapid response, such as inhouse machining, 3D-printing, and a dedicated team to take immediate action. This allows us to stay independent from processes that are normally associated with longer lead times and external dependencies.