Visual Simulation Tool

Our Simulation & Visualization Tool is an unique stable and proven software that in real-time simulate and visualize manipulator movements in 3D and/or a virtual camera view showing a 3D CAD picture corresponding to what the real camera is looking at.

These functions guide the operator when steering the equipment and provides valuable feedback about actual position of the equipment, eventual obstacles etc.

Positioning data from the Motor Control Panel (MCP) is streamed to the tools computer. The data then affect manipulator and camera movements in a complete 3D-model of the examination area and the NDE-tools involved to visualize what happens in reality. It is used as a tool for:

  • Simulation as part of technique development
  • Simulation for personnel training
  • Visualization as operator aid
  • Visualization as reporting tool

It’s applied on several WesDyne manipulator systems such as T-crawler, S.V.I.P etc. The WesDyne Simulation & Visualization Tool is integrated in our inspection systems as a stand-alone node and not dependent on application or hardware to function. The system offers numerous advantages:

  • Faster and more cost effective preparation of VT-data sheets
  • Eliminates costly IVVI and VT-01 inspections
  • Shorter times on critical path
  • Increased precision and accuracy in flaw detection and sizing
  • Perfect control of multiple activities occurring simultaneously
  • The ability to inspect new components and areas
  • Increased detail level in reporting and post-inspection documentation
  • No CAD knowledge necessary for the operator
  • No need for time-consuming setup of costly 1:1 mock-ups for operator training