About ProbeLab

WesDyne’s ProbeLab is located in Täby, Sweden, and it has a long tradition of designing and manufacturing custom‐made ultrasonic and eddy current probes for non‐destructive examination (NDE) purposes, mainly in the nuclear business. Our very first probe was made as early as 1945.

WesDyne was formerly the well‐known company TRC (Tekniska röntgencentralen) created by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science (IVA) in Stockholm in 1937.

In the last 20 years, the business has grown and today we do not only supply advanced custom designed probes all over the world, but we have expanded our products and accessories to the inspection industry.

Since 2017, the ProbeLab is the official European distributor of Toshiba’s highly advanced ultrasonic system Matrix Eye. Matrix Eye is used to test and accurately analyze spot welds in all types of industries.

During 2018, the ProbeLab acquired the well‐known probe manufacturer HQSonics from The Netherlands, leading to an expansion in our product portfolio.

Furthermore, in early 2019, we again expanded our portfolio through close cooperation with an established company in manufacturing ultrasonic Phased Array probes.

Over the years WesDyne’s ProbeLab has produced more than 12 000 probes to the NDE industry. Most of these probes have been non‐standard probes. The ProbeLab’s ability to make advanced, special designed probes is crucial when conventional NDE‐equipment is not applicable.

Our production line is specialized for small volume manufacturing and short lead time from idea to product which is one of our distinguishing marks. Close cooperation with our customers and our manipulator designers is natural for us. Our unique capability to design and manufacture advanced and highly customized ultrasonic and eddy‐current probes in‐house, combined with our developer’s field experience, has shown to be one essential key factor for providing the service our customers need and ask for.

Our specialty is miniature probes with a combination of several transducers designed for field conditions with challenging geometries and limited access. However, we manufacture all type of probes, such as ultrasonic single and dual crystal probes and phased array probes.

Why should you choose ProbeLab?

  • High quality state-of-the-art probes.
  • Specific probes which are suited for a tough environment for example high temperature probes, deep sea probes, and probes to be used in high radioactivity zones.
  • Flexible design and manufacturing according to customers specifications, for example: external dimensions, geometries, materials, settings, accessories, cables, connectors, probe holders, …
  • Short delivery time when needed.
  • Development in cooperation with customers, enabling unique technical solutions to address inspection challenges.
  • Good and flexible business with customers with an always honest dialogue and close contact. The voice of the customer is our top priority.
  • Design and manufacturing in-house, from prototypes to a complete probe ready to use.
  • Very experienced personnel in NDE-field conditions, all of them certified according to SS-EN ISO 9712/Nordtest at level 1, 2 and 3.
  • Long experience in solving complex inspection challenges in collaboration with mechanical design department for probe manipulation.
  • Project management capability for advanced engineering and development projects.

Our History

WesDyne Sweden stems from a department in the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science that became Tekniska RöntgenCentralen (TRC).

1937 ‐ TRC (Tekniska röntgencentralen) was created as a department in the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science (IVA).
1941 ‐ TRC was converted to a joint stock company owned by approximately 30 Swedish industrial companies, who also used the NDE‐services.
1945 ‐ The first Swedish ultrasonic probe is designed and manufactured at TRC.
1969 ‐ TRC carried out the world’s first complete in‐service inspection of a nuclear reactor BWR at Oskarshamn
1985 ‐ TRC offices were moved to Täby.
2000 ‐ TRC became WesDyne, owned by Westinghouse Group.
2012 ‐ Celebration of 75th anniversary of service in the NDE‐business.
2019 ‐ Probe product portfolio is expanded by the acquisition of HQSonics (The Netherlands) and the cooperation with an established phased array probe manufacturer.

Our Facilities

The ProbeLab has top modern facilities with all professional equipment required to manufacture state‐of‐the‐art probes with several workplaces dedicated to probe manufacturing. We are accredited according to ISO17025/ISO9001/ISO14001.

In-house we have a 5‐axes CNC‐machine, conventional workshops, a laser engraver, and several 3D‐printers. We also have several 4-axis scanners and field instruments for technique evaluation on mockups. If needed, we can handle large test objects <10000kg. For underwater tests we have a 5m deep pool.


Contact: probes@westinghouse.com