Special probes

Our unique capability to design and manufacture ultrasonic and eddy current probes allows us not only to manufacture conventional probes but also to combine several types of ultrasonic and eddy current transducers in a single probe.

Some examples of special probes are described below.

  • The BMI‐probe for bore inspection of bottom instrumentation nozzles in pressurized water nuclear reactors is a multi‐probe consisting of five different transducers (2x single elements, 2x ToFD‐pairs and 1x eddy current), each individually spring‐loaded. Different types of multi‐probes for bore inspections are available to fit inside nozzles with ID Ø7.5 mm and larger.
  • The Combo sword probe is a 2mm thick multi‐probe with four different transducers: a 0° for volumetric defect detection, an eddy current probe for detection of surface breaking cracks and two TOFD‐pairs for defect sizing.
  • The handscanner multi‐probe is a probe developed together with a customer. It is used for manual inspection of circular pipe welds. It consists of four ultrasonic transducers working together in different pair configurations in order to detect and size defects of all orientations.