Ultrasonic probes

We design and manufacture all types of ultrasonic transducers for field use in the conventional and in the nuclear industry. All probes are manufactured on demand and we offer a range of common configurations like immersion, contact, straight, angled, single or double elements, ToFD, spherically or cylindrically focused, etc. We use high sensitivity piezocomposite elements in the sound frequency range from 0,5MHz up to 15MHz.

We have a very flexible production line which means that the probes can be designed according to the customer’s specifications. Parameters such as external dimensions, fittings, wedge geometries, materials, element sizes, cables, connectors can be altered to fit any working condition and we can also combine different probes (both ultrasonic and eddy current) built in the same housing. Additionally, we can provide mechanical solutions near the probe like probe forks or smart spring-loaded mechanics to improve the probe contact to the object surface.

All probes are manufactured according to EN12668-2 (conventional probes) or EN18562-2 (phased array probes).