MRP-227 / Baffle Bolt Inspections


WesDyne and our parent company, Westinghouse can offer a complete line of inspection capabilities associated with long term management of the reactor vessel internals established through the Materials Reliability Program (MRP-227-A) guidelines.   WesDyne capabilities focus on the lower reactor vessel internal region utilizing ultrasonic (UT), visual (VT-3) and enhanced visual (EVT-1) inspection techniques. UT is used to inspect the baffle-to-former bolts to determine bolt integrity. The latest generation of the WesDyne-designed MIDAS mini-submarine fleet is used to deliver the UT transducer to each bolt.   The VT-3 visual examination technique is used to inspect the baffle edge bolts, baffle plates and thermal shield flexures to determine the general condition of the component.  The VT-3 exams are performed using radiation tolerant cameras. An EVT-1 technique is used to inspect the various core barrel circumferential welds to identify evidence of cracking.

View the PDF file for PWR Type Reactor Internals Inspection MRP-227A