MRP-227 / Baffle Bolt Inspections


We offer a complete line of inspection capabilities associated with long term management of the reactor vessel internals established through the Materials Reliability Program (MRP-227-A) guidelines.   Our inspection capabilities focus on the lower reactor vessel internal region utilizing ultrasonic (UT), visual (VT-3) and enhanced visual (EVT-1) inspection techniques. UT is used to inspect the baffle-to-former bolts to determine bolt integrity. The latest generation of our MIDAS mini-submarine fleet is used to deliver the UT transducer to each bolt.   The VT-3 visual examination technique is used to inspect the baffle edge bolts, baffle plates and thermal shield flexures to determine the general condition of the component.  The VT-3 exams are performed using radiation tolerant cameras. An EVT-1 technique is used to inspect the various core barrel circumferential welds to identify evidence of cracking.  The Westinghouse team also provide capabilities in the engineering analysis and repair technologies to support the MRP-227A program.

View the PDF file for PWR Type Reactor Internals Inspection MRP-227A