Reactor Vessel Nozzle Dissimilar Metal Weld Inspections

Pressurized water reactors with dissimilar metal, nozzle safe end welds, which are susceptible to primary water stress corrosion cracking (PWSCC), are required to examine those welds with increased frequency unless mitigative actions are taken. Requirements for these examinations are specified in ASME Section XI, Code Case N-770-1 as modified by 10CFR50.55a.  Our SQUID (SUPREEM eQuivalent Ultrasonic Inspection Device) scanner tool was designed specifically for examination of reactor vessel nozzle safe end welds, and as such, provides an alternative for when the balance of the reactor vessel does not require inspection.  Designed with safety, reliability and efficient operation in mind, SQUID incorporates features which allow the examination to be performed quickly (less than one shift), with minimal impact on other plant maintenance activities.

View our flysheet file for PWR Type Nozzle Inspection system SQUID