Over the years WesDyne Sweden has produced more than 12,000 probes to the NDE industry in our probe laboratory in Sweden.

WesDyne Sweden has a long tradition of designing and manufacturing ultrasonic (UT) and Eddy Current (ET) probes to the nuclear business. Our very first UT probe was made as early as 1945.  In the last 15 years the business has grown and today we not only supply advanced custom designed probes all over the world but we have expanded our product lines to manufacture probes and accessories to the industrial inspection industry.

Since early 2019 we have further expanded our product portfolio through close cooperation with Blatek Inc, an established leader in manufacturing of Phased Array probes for the medical & industrial sectors.

Our product line is specialized for small volume manufacturing and short lead time from idea to product which is one of our distinguishing marks. Close cooperation with our customers and our manipulator designers is natural for us.

Our unique capability to design and manufacture advanced and highly customized UT & ET probes in-house, combined with our developer’s field experience, has shown to be one essential key factor for providing the service our customers need and ask for.

Typically, our delivery includes a UT and/or ET probe combined with the end effector assuring good contact during mechanized inspection.

All of our development engineers and technicians have experience from the field which they use and incorporate into the probe design.

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